The Untold story of 'Chhota Dynamite' - Ishan Kishan

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The Untold story of 'Chhota Dynamite' - Ishan Kishan

10 Nov 2020 1606 Views Anusha Ramachandran

Who is Ishan Kishan?

Full name: Ishan Kishan

BornJuly 18,1998

Current age: 22 years

Role: Wicket-Keeper Batsman

Batting style: Left-hand bat

Major teams: India Under-19s, Jharkhand, Gujarat Lions, Mumbai Indians

The Untold Story of Ishan Kishan: 'The Chhota Dynamite'

‘There will be instances when you’ll achieve fame in several tournaments and matches, which will add pressure on you. You just have to go and enjoy your game. Whatever you’ve been doing in practice, you have to just mimic that into an actual game.’

This advice from the Timeless Steel Rahul Dravid rings in Ishan Kishan’s ears, every time he goes out to bat.

Born in Nawada, Bihar, to Pranav Kumar Pandey and Suchitra Singh, Ishan Kishan started playing cricket when he was 7 years old. He was extremely talented but wasn’t serious about the sport. One day, Ishan’s coach approached his dad to tell him that his son was special, and he must push him to take cricket seriously.  Thus, began his exciting journey...

(Ishan with his bat. Image courtesy:

Ishan’s elder brother, Raj, also used to play cricket. His dad, who is in the construction business, was very clear that both cannot pick cricket as a profession, due to the high risk. He asked them to choose.

Ishan’s brother, Raj sacrificed for him and thus, played a pivotal role in his life.

(Ishan with his elder brother, Raj. Image courtesy: Cricbuzz)

(Ishan with his father. Image courtesy: Cricbuzz)

The Notorious Childhood of Ishan Kishan:

As a child, Ishan was just not interested in academics. The whole day he used to draw a cricket field in his books with the image of the crowd chanting “Ishan Ishan”! As he was a mischievous kid, Ishan’s parents used to be flooded with complaints.

Today, his parents can afford a good laugh at some of his pranks at school and home. His mom says that she has never seen his answer papers as he used to hide or throw them out of the bus.

When playing cricket in his building, he would smash the ball on the doors of other houses and hide. Half the building was at Ishan’s place complaining to his mom.

He wanted to pierce his ears in 6th grade and his school obviously was against it. So, he put it on his deceased grandfather that it was his last wish! And, guess what…his grandfather is still alive!

He says, even today, if he doesn’t get sleep, you just have to give him a book and he will fall asleep immediately. As a kid, he did not fear anybody and that can be seen on the pitch today!

The Cricketing Journey of Ishan Kishan:

He used to regularly practise in Moen-ul-Haque stadium in Patna and loved watching wicket keepers diving around. As luck would have it, his school wicketkeeper did not turn up one day. Ishan was asked to keep wickets, as he was a good fielder, and he took 2 catches and completed a stumping. That’s how his wicketkeeping journey began.

He also loves the fact that as a wicketkeeper he gets to sledge the opponents! At a very young age, he captained his school in the School World Cup, which was held in Aligarh.

 His school, DPS, was very particular about discipline & attendance. He used to play cricket the whole day and had a poor attendance record. As a result, the school asked him to quit and he did the very next day. All he cared about, was cricket.

When Ishan was a kid, his elder brother, Raj, was getting ready for U-14 trials of School Games Federation of India (SGFI) and Ishan was adamant that he also wanted to try. His dad agreed thinking that he could try for fun, as he wouldn’t get selected for sure.

Such was his talent at that age that Ishan played just 2-3 shots and was selected. In his formative years, he used to play in Bihar. However, the Bihar Cricket Association lost its affiliation due to the dispute with the BCCI. Hence, based on advice from his coach, brother & seniors, Ishan relocated to Jharkhand at the age of 15.

He climbed the ladder step by step: played for SAIL first, next entered the U-16 team, then the U-19 team, got picked for the Vijay Hazare trophy and finally made it to the Ranji team.