Our Objective

To support communities and children in India who do not have the opportunities provided to the western world in the right to an education.

Who do we help?

AWARE provides street/runaway children and orphans with a protected childhood so that they can go on to make well-informed decisions in life. We help orphans, street children, HIV affected/infected children, disaster victims, children of sex workers, children of communities lacking socioeconomic awareness and children of seasonally migrating families.

A success story

AWARE is very proud of all the children it has supported over the years, and it has many success stories of children coming from poverty stricken lives to become doctors, engineers and budding scientists. As per our recent success...

Gaurav Prajapati is the son of a brickkiln worker’s family in a village called Begva. AWARE has been supporting him for the past six years. Now, after earning a second rank at his B.Sc. in Physics, he has secured admission at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. This, for scientists in the making, is the most sought after college. Persistent interest, guidance and funds raised through AWARE, helped Gaurav fulfill his dream!



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