Sunrise Radio

Sunrise Radio actually started out as a licensed cable radio station and was named Sina Radio in London , in 1984.

Sunrise Radio aired its first official broadcast on 5 November 1989. It was launched by Dr. Avtar Lit and filled a gaping hole for an Asian-specific broadcast media outlet in the UK. It was one of the first media outlets that gave the Asian community living in Britain a platform to voice their opinions and it helped to signal the beginning of a positive change in Asian attitudes to being in the UK. It also helped give rise to modern British Asian culture.

By providing news, music, talk shows and programming in local language, and relating back to the subcontinent, the station maintained an important connection for Asians living in Britain back to their roots.



To celebrate the Bharat Army and Sunrise Radio teaming up, we’re giving 4 lucky winners the chance to attend Bharat Ke Saath.

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