Street Food of Kolkata - 10 Must Eat Dishes

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Street Food of Kolkata - 10 Must Eat Dishes

24 Apr 2019 488 Views Krishna Poddar

Karboo lodboo jeetbo re,

karboo lodboo re jeetbo re, jeetbo re

It’s the city of Dada, Sourav Ganguly is the king of Kolkata and a man who needs no introduction, Right? One of the greatest Indian captains, Dada lead his team to great success. Not to forget, Pankaj Roy, an excellent batsman who also hailed from Kolkata. He, was among the selection committee at the time of the team selection for the 1983 CWC. The wonderful stadium that is Eden Gardens, has captured some of the most beautiful moments in Indian cricket, as well as some that we all would rather forget. That famous second India vs Australia test match in the 2000 - 01 Border - Gavaskar Trophy, where the home team smashed the Aussies taking a huge victory and the India vs Sri Lanka 1996 World Cup semi-final which left a sour feeling in everyone’s hearts. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Eden Gardens is the melting pot of hundreds of such experiences.

The mood is set with flags swaying high, DJs playing the theme song, the Eden ground packed with fans, an unending queue outside the stadium to buy a ticket and the crowd going gaga as the matchday cuts the count. Who says the city is all about Durga Puja? Oh, come on, ever been here during the cricket season? The city of joy is high in spirits and the exuberance shows no limits as the team walks in the stadium.

K.K.R….. K.K.R…. K.K.R…K.K.R….. K.K.R….. K.K.R

Come here and witness the craze people have for IPL.

I know you’re super excited too. Kolkata is a place that keeps you on your toes and basks in the love, the warmth, the zeal, the peace, and the food. Yes, the food is what you’re here to read about. Visiting Kolkata and not knowing about its delicacies is a big big loss for you. How can you skip the lip-smacking rasgullas, the galloping puchkas or the delicious samosas? Kolkata is heaven for a foodie, and even if you are not, do try some of the street foods when you visit and trust me you’re going to love it.

The Street Food Of Kolkata

Delicacies in Kolkata need no introduction, but if you are new here and wondering where to eat, we are happy to help you walk through the streets of Kolkata and its scrumptious food items. 

Top 10 Street Food Dishes In Kolkata

Puchkas - Everyone's Weakness


Stuffed with mashed spicy potatoes with a pinch of flavoury chutney and dipped in tangy pudina juice, the oval-shaped dish is no less than a treat to one's food cravings.  Though gol gappas can be easily found in almost every nook and corner of the city,  the ones you find outside the Vivekananda park are the kings of all. As dawn hits the city, the place is packed with food lovers and if you’re lucky enough you could spot one of the Tollywood celebrities waiting to be served the highly tempting puchkas.  I know the match excitement would refrain you from going to distant places, but this is definitely worth sparing some time.

Luchi Aloodom- Redefining Taste

Luchi Aloodom

A perfect blend of taste, texture and the Bengal's rendition of puri bhaji, Lucchi Aloodom is one of the mouth-watering street foods you would find in Kolkata.  Perfectly fried luchi served with a scrummy side dish, aloodom, and few onions is a must try. And the best ones are found at the stalls in Fairlie Palace and Stock Exchange, BBD Bag.  A place peppered with a variety of dishes such as kachoris and Fish Curry,  but the one that will leave you craving for more is the traditional Bengali food, Lucchi Aloodom.

Kathi Rolls- Kolkata's Invention

Kathi Rolls

As the discovery of the city, Kathi rolls roots lie deep in the streets of Kolkata. Zakai in Park Street is one of the pioneers serving hot Kathi Rolls.  Spice packed stuffings wrapped in a thin slice of rotis, account for this sumptuous street food of Kolkata.  Few stalls have now added variations to the dish,  but the original one is still alive in the streets such as Park Street. So, just after the match ends, strolling back to the area would not be a bad plan. 

Ghugni- The Everyday Bite


Heard about it? Well, it's one of those street foods you will find in almost every chat stall in the city. Boiled yellow peas (Pila matter) with a touch of savory chutney,  sprinkled spices,  spoonful of lemon and the dish is served hot.  Some add onion and tomatoes for garnishing. You will love the taste and the ones served at Decker’s lane are the best.  The street has few other dishes but the ghugni and no wonder it has been deemed as the best street food of Kolkata.

Mughlai Parathas - The Trendy Delicacy

Mughlai Parathas

Yummy, is the word that first pops up in my mind as I see them. Filling thin rotis with exquisitely made chicken keema, eggs,  onions, and broken cutlets is what the Mughlai Parathas are all about. Fusion of a palatable paratha with the luscious chicken Keema,  these Parathas are a must try. Found across the city,  if you want to relish the taste of the best ones head towards the Jawaharlal Nehru Road and step in the Anandi Cabin, a delicious dish awaits your presence.

Chinese Retreat - Flavours Of China

Chinese Retreat

While Mainland China may be your favorite Chinese hub, things may change after your visit to China Town in Tiretti Bazar of Kolkata. Sumptuous and appetizing dishes continues to entice the local crowd.  Be it the rice, dumplings or the Chinese Bhel,  the famous Manchurian or the flavoursome Chinese soup,  you cannot stop yourself from trying one and all.  And guess what's the best thing?  You need not cut on your match timings, food is served here all day and night.

Tewari Brothers, Burra Bazar - Date with Samosa

Tewari Brothers, Burra Bazar, Kolkata

This one is my favorite and apparently the most loved place for all the samosa lovers. No doubt you will find a wide assortment of dishes and sweets here, but the one to take you on a delectable delight is the samosas.  Fried in pure ghee, served hot in red chutney there are truly mouth watering. Add a cup of tea with the hot samosas and you’re sorted. Also, if you’re one with a sweet tooth, the jalebi or the imartis will definitely relish your love for sweets.

Dragon Chicken, Lord More - The Local Eatery

Dragon Chicken

Head straight toward the South of Kolkata and stop by South City Mall. No wait, you don't have to step in, instead, walk opposite and there you will see the chain of eateries luring your presence.  Chaats, momos or the puchkaas are no doubt enjoyable, but the one titillating treat is dragon chicken.  Though the place is a bit far from the match ground, spare a day to drive South and relish the wonderful flavors of Kolkata.

Momos, Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit - A Taste Of Tibet

Momos - A Taste of Tibet

Momos are new to the streets of Kolkata but do not lack flavours. It’s true that many restaurants serve them, but when you are strolling across the streets, momos at the exit gate of Rabindra Sadan Metro are the best.  Perfectly smoked and stuffed, these dumplings are finely cooked.  Along with it, the soup and the sauce compliment the real taste of momos.  They are also reasonably priced, so you don't have to worry about a dent in your pocket.

Victoria Vada,  Vardan Market - The Glory of Kolkata

Victoria Vada,  Vardan Market - The Glory of Kolkata

If you are in Kolkata,  dare not miss visiting the Vardaan Market at Camac Street.  Whether you want to shop, just hang out or give yourself a sumptuous treat,  Vardaan Market is the perfect destination. Packed with a line of stalls, dal ke chille, paw bhaji, puchka, ghugni and the victoria bada.  All will leave you wondering what to have and what not.  Cut the rest, but do try the Victoria Bada.  They are simply awesome. There are no words to describe their taste or texture.  All I can suggest is to go and taste for yourself. You will never regret being there and you can quote me on this. 

So, feeling hungry? In the rush for eating, don't forget you have a match. Ok ok,  I know you won't because that's the reason you are in the city, right?

Yes,  the IPL fever is on!

Well, I cannot wait to witness the IPL madness in Kolkata, what's your call?

Krishna Poddar

Bharat Army Travel Writer


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