T20 World Cup Countdown: Discover Kings Park Perth

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T20 World Cup Countdown: Discover Kings Park Perth

26 Sep 2019 183 Views Sakshi

With the ICC T20 World Cup less than a year away, Australia is gearing to host cricket lovers from across the globe. While the tournament guarantees a wonderful time on match days, the island country has a lot to offer on the other days.

Cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney are counted among the happening places to travel to. If you want to explore Australia, you must know that the less recognised city, Perth, can turn out to be the most stand-out experience of your trip. To begin with, it is so much more pocket-friendly in comparison to the eastern cities in Australia.

bridgeKings Park captures the essence of Perth like no other. Image: Visit Perth

Perth might be one of the most isolated capital cities on the planet Earth, but the capital of Western Australia, Perth, certainly flouts the cut-off location with its incredible characteristics - both natural and manmade. Perth might not be that glamorous but it has several tourist attractions like any other big city. There are plenty of fine dining restaurants, elegant boutiques, art galleries, museums, apart from its heavenly beaches that can be a perfect ground for outdoor activities.

What makes the Kings Park so amazing?

One of the most attractive spots in the whole of Perth lies in the centre of the city - Kings Park, a manmade marvel that brims with the best of Western Australia's unique flora and provides panoramic views of the treetops, the city skyline and the Swan River.

If you visit Perth for India's T20 World Cup opener against South Africa in 2020, you must definitely have Kings Park in your itinerary. One of the largest inner-city parks in the world, Kings Park is literally like an oasis of peace in the heart of Perth, that attracts approximately six million annual visitors.

The Kings' Park is one of the most iconic spots in Australia. Image: Visit Perth

Earlier this year, Kings Park was named in the list of the world's best city parks along with the iconic ones such as Central Park in New York and the Summer Palace in Beijing. It might not match Central Park's fame and glamour, but, Perth's Kings Park is unique in several ways:

1) The Kings Park makes New York's Central Park look tiny, as Perth's park, which is spread across 990 acres, is larger by as many as 150 acres. What makes Kings Park more interesting is that it is dedicated to the natural bush, with a blend of native birds (over 70 species) and about 3,000 species of plants.

In the park's botanic garden, apart from Western Australia, there are other spotlight plants from Mediterranean climates such as South Africa and California. The other attractive features include an acacia garden, the peaceful Place of Reflection, and a water garden.

The beautiful Fraser Avenue lies just outside the Park. Image: Visit Perth

2) Unlike the other inner-city parks, Perth's Kings Park has an international reputation for scientific research, leading horticulture, conservation, and public education.

The natural beauty inside Kings Park is breathtaking. Image: Visit Perth

3) One of the most treasured interests in the park is a tree that is expected to live for 2,000 years.

Things to do inside Kings Park:

Among the things to do in the park, you can surely opt to take the free guided walking tour with the Kings Park Guides starting at 10.00 am, 12 noon and 2.00 pm daily. They depart daily from Fraser Avenue, outside Aspects of Kings Park. Meanwhile, self-guided tours are also available for the visitors, where they can explore the iconic park at their own leisure.

The Botanic Garden is a breathtaking scene inside the Park.  Image: Visit Perth

The visitors can check out the Kings Park and Botanic Garden's memorials, statues and honor avenues. Memorials include the statue of John Forrest, the first Premier of Western Australia, Pioneer Women's Memorial, 10th Light Horse Memorial, Queen Victoria Statue and the Floral Clock.

The park has enough exclusive places for picnics and BBQs with friends and families, especially around the Statue War Memorial area. If you want to buy food and drinks, the park has an array of restaurants and cafes: Botanical Cafe, Zamia Cafe, Stickybeaks Cafe, and the award-winning Fraser's Restaurant, to name a few.

The State War memorial inside Kings Park. Image: Visit Perth

Kings Park is famous for its views  that you can enjoy from the top of DNA Tower. You must definitely climb all 101 steps of the spiraling DNA Tower for spectacular views around Kings Park and Botanic Garden, the Swan River and over to Rottnest Island.

When you look down, overlooking the city's heart, the sight of the Swann River blending with the Canning River is insanely beautiful as the waterway eventually flows towards the blue haze of the Darling Range that forms the Perth Hills. All in all, Kings Park is a sight that you simply cannot afford to miss if you are in Perth, especially during the World Cup.

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