6 Great Experiences In London

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6 Great Experiences In London

09 May 2019 163 Views Krishna Poddar

When a cricket enthusiast thinks of London, the first thing that comes to mind is Lords. Deemed as one of the most revered stadium's worldwide,  Lords is commonly referred to as The Home Of Cricket. Sure, there have been some spectacular matches played at Lords, but India’s first victory at Lord’s that resulted in them being crowned world champions in 1983 still takes the top spot. In 2014, the ground celebrated its 200th anniversary where a fantastic match was held between MCC XI led by Sachin Tendulkar and the Rest of World XI captained by Shane Warne, where Sachin’s side won by seven wickets.

There is less than a month to go before the Cricket World Cup in England and Wales starts and it’s all cricket lovers can think about.  We all have been waiting patiently for the World Cup to begin and it's a month before India takes on Australia at another famous ground in London, The Oval. Home of Surrey County Cricket Club, it boasts an incredible atmosphere, however it’s Lords where India will want to be playing this summer as that’s where the final will be held.

So, excited?

Yes, me too.

As you too pack your bags to fly off to London, have you made a list of the places in London that you should not miss? Yes yes, I know you are here for the World Cup but there are off days and so what are you planning to do, on the days when India are not playing?

Ok, don't worry, here I will give you the six best places you should definitely check out for an amazing experience in London.

Six Magnificent Places To Visit In London

Tate Modern

tate mordern

An exclusive art gallery, Tate Modern is Britain's national Gallery, depicting modern art forms that are part of the group of Tate. Situated in the Bankside area in the London Borough of Southwark, Tate Modern represents some of the extraordinary art forms of British history dating back to the 1900s. And it’s not just traditional art, the gallery has an exquisite collection of the modern contemporary art form.  Undeniably, you will fall short of words at first sight. Though entrance to the gallery does not cost you a penny, there may be a charge for special exhibitions.

'The Hive’ in Kew Gardens

the hive

One of the most beautiful spots at Kew gardens Gardens in The Hive. A mesmerising piece of contemporary art towering some 17 meters. The idea behind such a majestic installation is recreating life surrounding the beehive. As you enter the space, you will be stunned by the larger than life enclosure depicting the beehive's incredible world. The bee vibration is accompanied by glowing LED lights that perfectly complement the view. So, while you enthrall yourself watching the zeal of your favorite players at the Oval, save some time to explore the mysterious Hive at  Kew Gardens.

Shakespeare's Globe

Literature is a virtualistic art form and at the Shakespeare Globe, these virtual forms are transformed into reality. The best of the best stories of Shakespeare are produced at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. No doubt, all the work of Shakespeare has had an everlasting impact in our lives and seeing them presented theatrically is no less than a treat to behold. The theatre is located on the Bank of the River Thames and strives to harness the spirit of learning and intellectual curiosity amongst all.  Guided tours, events that change lives and the inspiring works of Shakespeare, all are voiced by an eminent artist at the theatre. So, witnessing these would be one of the most memorable moments of your time in London, apart from the cricket that it.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

An impressive structure built around 138 years ago, that has more than 80 million specimens displayed including major artworks, permanent galleries and the iconic collection of dinosaurs. Every year, the museum holds a dynamic program showcasing extemporary exhibitions whose major attraction is renowned wildlife photographers across the globe.  Additional programs constitute of morning yoga, dinosaur sleepovers, and silent discos. Try not to miss visiting this place.

Tower of London

Tower of London

Named as a World Heritage Site, the Tower of London was a Royal fortress and is one of London's top landmarks and with good reason. The grounds and building of the tower were once a Royal Palace, a place of execution, a prison, and an office holding public records. The tower is situated on the northern bank of the River Thames and was built during the 13th century. As you visit the tower, you can’t miss out on taking a peek at the Crown Jewels, an exotic collection of the worlds exceptional diamonds along with British Monarchy treasures. You can explore the majestic history of the tower by touring along with a beefeater (Yeoman Warders that have been guarding the Tower of London since the Tudor dynasty).

The Shard

The Shard

The Shard houses some of the best hotels, offices, and restaurants in London and offers mind-boggling views. Also referred to as the highest viewing gallery in London, The Shard provides awe-inspiring views of London that will stay with you forever.

So, enticed?

Frankly speaking, I am. The city is decked up with a bundle of fantastic attractions and along with witnessing the glory of cricket, there is an amazing experience to be had in London.

Krishna Poddar

Bharat Army Travel Writer


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