Fall in Love with The Quokka - T20 World Cup Countdown

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Fall in Love with The Quokka - T20 World Cup Countdown

24 Oct 2019 421 Views Sakshi

From any vantage point along Perth’s turquoise coast, you'll come across the silhouette of Rottnest Island on the horizon. The island, which is just a 25-minute ferry ride from Perth is home to 60-plus isolated beaches and an endemic population of probably the friendliest marsupials in the country - the Quokkas.

These adorable creatures are the only mammal native to Rottnest and are found almost everywhere on the island. Labeled as the 'happiest animal on the earth,' Quokkas - much like its marsupial family (kangaroos and wallabies) are herbivorous and primarily nocturnal. They look for shady shelters and dense vegetation to sleep through the day and are active at night.

Exploring the southwestern tip of Western Australia is usually on the bucket list of most travelers. One of the most popular things to do which also began a trend on social media, is to take a selfie with a Quokka on Rottnest Island. 

QuokkaTaking selfie with Quokka on Rottnest Island - Tourism Western Australia

Why do we love the Quokkas?

These cute little creatures that weigh between 2 to 2.5 kilos can jump and carry their babies in their pouch like kangaroos and that is one of the sweetest sights you'll get in the whole of Perth. They are, in fact, used to human interactions. They are known to smile and pose for pictures and trust us, they are one of the most photogenic animals on this planet. However, they are still wild animals with sharp teeth, so you must be respectful and careful to avoid inviting a needless tension there.

If at all, you plan a visit to Rottnest Island, you must know it is illegal to touch a Quokka. If you fail to resist that, you could well be paying an AUD 2000 fine. You can sure take selfies with the tiny creatures and using a selfie-stick could be a good idea as that could keep you at a respectful distance. You don't have to go and approach a Quokka. If you stand and wait, you'll definitely be greeted by one of them in no time. They are curious, super charming animals and are often ready to pose for pictures.

Quokkas are one of the cutest animals on the planet. Image: VisitPerth

Feeding quokkas with human food is also prohibited because that can cause health issues for them. You can always choose to give them leaves but human food causes health problems for them.

The visitors are also instructed specially to stay away from the mother Quokkas, who have babies in their pouch.

The Quokkas have become a major attraction in Perth and Rottnest Island supports the largest known Quokka population and is important for the survival of species. There are approximately 10,000 to 12,000 of these animals living on Rottnest. Hence, visitors exploring the Rottnest must be extra careful to avoid causing any kind of harm to these mammals. 

There are several rules and restrictions in places for viewing the Quokkas. Image: DestinationPerth

What else is there to see on the Rottnest Island?

Moreover, Rottnest Island is not just about the Quokkas. After spending time with these little animals, you can go hiking, take one of the many-available free walking tours, explore the countless beaches and secluded bays. There are not many restaurants and shops on the island so it would be better if you carry food with you, Rottnest Island is a perfect picnic spot.

With Australia hosting the Women's and Men's T20 World Cup's next year, it is the best opportunity for sports and wildlife enthusiasts to explore the country. The animals such as kangaroos and wallabies are popular enough but if you visit Perth, you must not leave the city without saying 'Hi' to these Quokka cuties.

Rottnest Island - Tourism Western Australia

The capital of Western Australia, Perth will play host to India v Bangladesh and India v South Africa in the Women's & Men's T20 World Cup 2020 respectively

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