Best Nightlife Spots In Mumbai

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Best Nightlife Spots In Mumbai

01 May 2019 589 Views Krishna Poddar

Good Morning Mumbai, oh wait why good morning, when the city never sleeps!

Be it the exuberant crowd in the night club or the warm and pleasant walk across the marine drive, sipping coffee or a fun-filled match at Wankhede.

Match?  Oh, you forgot, the Mumbai Indians are back with a bang and have a great chance of reaching the playoffs. Yes, Mumbai it is!! I know you’re just as excited me. Right? And why not, the city is rocking. After a fun-filled and euphoric match, who would want to go back to their hotel room?

If you plan on visiting Mumbai during IPL season, dare not miss the brilliant nightlife in the city.

But, before you get ready for an amazing night out, let's see what makes Mumbai a place for cricket lovers. Top of the list is definitely the players hailing from Mumbai, they have turned the Mumbaikars crazy for the great game.

The Master Blaster, the God of cricket, the jewel of Mumbai and the legend of cricket,  Sachin Tendulkar, is the first name that pops into the mind when we think about cricket & Mumbai.  With plenty of record's and trophies, Sachin is one of those cricketers who will always be remembered. Player, captain, coach and a pillar of the India batting line up for seven years, Ajit Wadekar was also a Mumbai boy. Another on this list is the best opener of all times, Sunil Gavaskar.  He too has a number of records under his belt and is a true hero of the Indian Cricket Team.

All these great players have represented the nation with class and made the city proud.  Playing in some excellent matches, massive strokes, outstanding catches and a number centuries, all at the same place, Wankhede Stadium. Be it the 2011 World Cup finals or the epic match in 2016 as Sachin’s last match, the stadium has been the go to go place for all cricket fans. Its also the home ground for the Mumbai Indians.  Just being in this cricketing paradise is a good enough reason to visit Mumbai.

And not just this,  the city is bedecked with a plethora of places to get you in the mood. Here we are with a list of the top places you should check out, where you will be sure to fall in love with this crazy city.

Welcome To Mumbai

Marine Drive at Nariman Point

marine drive

One of the best places to embrace the beauty of nature and at the same time feel the madness the city has in store for all.  No matter what time you arrive here, you will always find it flooded with people.  Whether it's morning or midnight, the marine drive is the heart of Mumbai.  And guess what, you don't need to have a partner, no it's not a dedicated couple spot. You can walk through the place at your leisure.  Sit and admire the sun hitting the horizon,  the beauty of the place can also be witnessed at night with prolific lights dazzling,  a soothing breeze and you are sure to fall in love.

Juhu Chaupati

Juhu Chaupati

Hardly will you find someone who would not have heard of Juhu Chaupati.  Whether you are with your family or friends, Juhu Chaupati is a place you ought not to miss.  A place that is blessed with peace and layered with people flocking every now and then, Juhu Chaupati is one of the best nightlife spots in Mumbai.  From eating Paw Bhaji or having Chuski, to strolling across embracing the cool waves,  Juhu is Mumbai’s pride.

Bademiya At Colaba

Bademiya At Colaba

If you are a foodie and a night owl, then Colaba is your next spot to go. Offering a blend of kebabs and delicious tikkas, Bademiya is located right behind the Taj Mahal Hotel In Colaba. Finding this place packed with pleased diners is an everyday sight. However, trust me when I say those lip-smacking delicacies are worth the wait. 

Trilogy:  Juhu's Nightclub

If you are one who wishes to keep the party going, then trilogy is your place. As you step in the club,  you will be amazed by its ambiance. The red sturdy couches,  wooded trails with glasses of wine adds to the exuberant atmosphere in the club.  Grab a drink and hit the dancefloor, because ‘Party Abhi Baki Hai’. 

Blue Frog In Lower Parel

Blue Frog In Lower Parel

For the music lovers and the entertainment seekers, the Blue Frog is the best place to visit.  The venue is decked up with excellent decor and live music to fuel your party mood. A commonplace for the B-Town celebs, you may catch sight of them dancing the night away. Book a seat, order a drink and get the party started. 

A Long Drive Through The Sea Link

A Long Drive Through The Sea Link

Could be that you are too tired and not in a mood to party,  but sleeping does not appeal to you either. Don't worry,  take a drive through the city, be it Juhu Chaupati or the Worli Sea link, anything and everything in Mumbai is worth seeing.

Pedaling Through The City

A Long Drive Through The Sea Link

Why just a four wheeler when you can opt for midnight cycling tours.  Start from the marine drive, riding through the empty serene streets, by the lanes and the closed shops until you reach your destination at the bandstand.  The entire trip will leave you spellbound. A different way to ride through the gorgeous city unraveling its true beauty.

Krishna Poddar

Bharat Army Travel Writer


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