10 Must Visit Attractions In Southampton

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10 Must Visit Attractions In Southampton

15 May 2019 573 Views Krishna Poddar

India going out at the semi-final stage of World Cup 2015 was disappointing, however four years have passed and it’s not long now until the orange, white and green flags will be swaying in the air, as England and Wales host the 12th edition of The World Cup. Starting at the Oval and ending in Lords, the 45-day tournament will witness a total of 48 matches.

Located on the outskirts of Southampton, Hampshire, England,  Ageas Bowl is one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in England.

The first match played at the ground was back in 2001. Since then, the stadium has witnessed massive shots, jaw-dropping catches and excellent hits. The iconic Test match played between England and India in 2014 saw the twenty first test century of Ian Bell’s career and his record for highest individual innings (Test) at this ground still remains in tact. 

While you plan to visit the city and enjoy witnessing some extraordinary matches against South Africa and Afghanistan, make sure to check out some of the great attractions Southampton has to offer… 

10 Attractions You Dare Not Miss While in Southampton

Tudor House and Garden

tudor house

The first museum built back in 1491 but made public in 1912, the Tudor House and Garden is a must visit whilst in Southampton. A place that boasts attics, gardens, and cellars providing an amazing sight as you walk across all. The Tudor House has one of the most delicious tea's to be served to all its guests along with mesmerizing tours to the Southampton Blitz, revealing the histories locked behind the door of the mysterious 800 old building. 

Southampton City Art Gallery

Southampton City Art Gallery

Of all the art galleries in Southampton, the Southampton City Art Gallery is a piece of extraordinary beauty. Based on the Civic Center of the city, the gallery houses some of the most beautiful exhibitions including paintings, drawings, sculptures, film, and photography. Along with the permanent exhibits, the gallery also showcases arts that keep changing depending on the experiences and feedback driven after every visit. Cutting down your sleep time is worthy enough to pay a visit. 

SeaCity Museum

SeaCity Museum

One of the major highlights of Southampton, the SeaCity Museum is situated at the heart of the city. The museum beholds some of the finest stories of the city people, stories about their life, and connection to the sea and the Titanic. An excellent way to take in the maritime history of the city designed to thrill visitors of all age. 

Go Ape Southampton

Go Ape Southampton

If roaming around the city, viewing the glory of its past isn’t quite your thing and you’re after a bit of adventure, then head down to the thrilling land at Go Ape. A perfect place to unleash some fun and trigger the adventurer in you, Go Ape has a range of activities that challenge your skills. From the tree challenge to the zip wire path, this place is a treat to have an electrifying experience. 

Solent Sky Museum

Solent Sky Museum

Typically serving as the storehouse of aviation and aircraft manufacturing companies in the Solent Area, the museum houses the National Museum of Air Training Corps. The major exhibits comprise of the Sandringham flying boat, Gnat, Schneider Trophy S6 Seaplane and the popular and the immortal Spitfire. Visiting the museum is like peeling off the glorious history of the Spitfire, the legendary aircraft. Yes, the art galleries and outdoor excursions are a great way to spend a day but witnessing what makes the city proud, is a different kind of experience and you should not miss that. 

Steamship Shieldhall

Steamship Shieldhall

The largest steamship in Britain, Steamship Shieldhall is the proud member of National Historic Fleet and pays tribute to the maritime heritage of sea in Southampton. You too can bare witness to the mysterious steam age, book either the entire ship or simply be part of the common excursion. A perfect place to skip out of the tidy day and grab the essence of the smoothest ship in Southampton. 

The Brook

The Brook

An excellent venue to witness some of the extraordinary events that take place in the city every day. The place has a capacity close to 600 audiences who can catch sight of live music being hosted at the Brook. National and international Blues, Punk, RnB, Funk, Indie, DJs, and much more play at the Brook. One of the ideal places to watch live shows, Brook has a lot to offer. 

Palmerston Park

Palmerston Park

One of the most popular Central Parks in Southampton, Palmerston Park has been awarded the Green Flag. The park is densely populated and offers a breathtaking view during summer and spring. The Park also has a statue of the third PM that stands seven feet high. Stroll across the park experiencing the beauty of the city. 

St Michael's Church

One of the oldest buildings in the city, the St Michael's Church is one of the five Churches of the Medieval Town. As you walk across the Church you will see the tomb of Sir Richard Lyster. The tomb depicts one of the finest forms of Elizabethan style with fluted columns and classical aspects. Visit the church to know more of the archaeological past of the city. 

Bursledon Windmill, Westgate

Bursledon Windmill

The only functioning windmill in the city,  Bursledon Windmill, Westgate unveil the traditional history of milling. After dereliction in 1814, the mill came back to functioning in the 1990s. No wonder why is it deemed as historical heritage. You can walk across the mill, watch the documentary depicting the history linked, indulge in flour grinding and see if you want to take back a souvenir from the windmill gift shop. Trust me, the place is a must to visit.

With India’s first match against South Africa to be held on 5th June, at The Ageas Bowl Southampton, the excitement is palpable!

Krishna Poddar

Bharat Army Travel Writer


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