Timber Trail - Best Weekend Getaway From Mohali

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Timber Trail - Best Weekend Getaway From Mohali

02 May 2019 221 Views Krishna Poddar

India's first planned city, Chandigarh is the quintessence of metropolitan development and urbanization. Situated at the foothills of Shivalik region, Chandigarh is both the Union Territory and the capital of Haryana and Punjab.  The city is brimming with plenty of attractions, historic sites and the exclusive PCA stadium built back in 1992. The stadium is one of the most beautiful arenas hosting matches both international and domestic.  Whether it was the roar of spinner Harbhajan Singh or the rattling sixes of Yuvraj Singh,  Mohali witnessed it all.  From Navjot Singh Siddhu to Lala Amarnath,  the soil of Mohali has nurtured many successful cricketers.

Mohali Stadium

When you step into the stadium, the first thing that grabs your attention are the magnificent light towers. For a long time, the pitch has been a boon for the pacers and so it was known as the pace-setting stadium. The stadium has hosted some of the most iconic matches over the years such as  India vs Australia in 1996, where the home team smashed the visitors in the final over and the one in 2009 in which the Aussies were a step ahead and graciously knocked out the Indian team. Some great players have etched some wonderful memories and of them all, one of the best was when Kings XI Punjab reached the semis in the first IPl tournament in 2008.

Mohali during the IPL season is a lot of fun. To add to this excitement, the city opens doors to numerous weekend getaways, making it a great city to visit.  Of the verdant Himalayan hills and the exuberant surroundings of Himachal, Parwanoo is a perfect destination to plan for when you are in the city to watch a match.

Parwanoo?  Ever heard of this place?

Well, Parwanoo is one of the best hot spots to consider while touring Mohali for a day or two.

Here is why…

Parwanoo - Mystically Beautiful

A quick drive from Chandigarh will have you across the hills of Parwanoo. The personification of majestic greenery and the vibrant hills, Parwanoo sketches heaven on earth.  The place is located amidst the Shivalik ranges embracing peace.  As you get nearer towards the hills, the scene is picturesque.


The distance between Chandigarh and Parwanoo is only 36km, yet the place boasts of serenity and tranquility. The fact that Parwanoo is tucked adjacent to the grasslands and away from the noisy city, makes it an ideal picnic destination. And it's not just the beauty that entices visitors to drive an hour to reach this place, but also the timber trail.

Timber Trail

A wonderful retreat for all adventure lovers, the Timber Trail of Parwanoo will no doubt instill thrill and excitement.  And why not, the ropeway traverses a distance of 3.6km to finally reach this destination. As you sit inside the cable car,  you will experience a sudden adrenaline rush. The car slides down smoothly, passing through the scenic gorges and hills.


The ropeways ply in two sides, either top to bottom or bottom to top.  You can choose either of them to pass through. The journey savors the nature and you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful pine forest.

Apart from the Timber Trail, you can also opt for activities such as trekking, cycling or just taking a stroll, witnessing the ambient beauty of the place.

Perfect Weekend Getaway


So, if you’re planning to visit the city and support Punjab in the IPL,  spending an extra day to visit the Prawanoo hills wouldn't be a bad idea. Surrounded by sky-high mountains,  pine forests,  lush greenery and verdant resorts, a day trip to this beautiful place would add to the memories you take back from Mohali.  No doubt the crazy atmosphere at the stadium will place you on cloud nine, however embracing nature is a soothing come down.

Krishna Poddar

Bharat Army Travel Writer


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