Bharat Ke Saath Event

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Bharat Ke Saath Event

27 Nov 2018 004 Views Mihir Upadhyay

India vs Pakistan is not an ordinary match irrespective of the level of the match or where it is played in. For a huge game like this, a screening event was organized at the Lord of the Drinks, Lower Parel, Mumbai on the 19th of September 2018.


The entire event was organized and managed by Kasakai Mumbai – an exciting community and hobby driven company that gathers people over different social events like match screenings, TV show discussions, etc.


But the highlight of the event was the presence of Bharat Army in the screening event that generated a tremendous level of excitement at the venue apart from just watching the match. Bharat Army is India’s No. 1 Official Cricket supporter’s group. It has become famous in its association with Team India for its passionate and committed support traveling around the world supporting Team India for almost 20 years.


Cricket is a sport in India that unites strangers together and this was one mammoth of a social event. People of different age groups coming together to support their country and celebrating and cheering for every single delivery made the event wonderful. Another unique thing in the event was the types of chants that were coming from the Bharat Army members that were made exclusively for players and occasions like this, that kept the crowd entertaining. Looking at a Team India supporters group like this adds on to the amount of pride that you generate by watching your nation play Cricket at the top most level and win matches.


In the mid-innings break, there were different fan-engagement activities organised such as Cricket charades, and which cricketer am I. The winners of both these games received exclusive Bharat Army merchandise. The venue was covered and filled with the tricolor and India winning the match against Pakistan so convincingly was an icing on the cake.

Mihir Upadhyay

Bharat Army Sports Editor


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